Case Studies: When the S-T Hits the Fan: Managing Crises on Social Media

September 29, 2016

Even the most reputable companies have an occasional mishap. How you handle a crisis can mean the difference between a short-lived stumble and a significant and lasting smear on your brand’s reputation. While no one can predict when – or if – a crisis will happen, it’s crucial to have a game plan that incorporates savvy social media strategies.
We’ll bring you case studies of organizations that have made lemonade out of lemons by employing best practices in digital communications. Come join us for this unique session where you’ll hear:

· Real-world examples of actual crises and how they were handled via social media
· How to create a social crisis plan – and execute it
· Key elements of your crisis plan (including what nearly every organization forgets to include!)
· Social media monitoring tactics that keep you aware of potential crises while not derailing your time management goals
· Clarifying roles and responsibilities among your internal departments
· Post-crisis, how to rebuild trust, platform by platform

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