Interactive: How to Make Livestreaming Work for Your Brand

September 29, 2016

Video has been gaining unprecedented prominence on the major social networks. Are you producing enough video and is it resonating with your audience? More than a billion people watch countless hours of video every day. Google has YouTube Live, Amazon has Twitch, Facebook has Facebook Live, Twitter has Periscope and Tumblr has teamed up with other platforms to allow livestreaming videos. With all of these options, how do you create a cohesive and creating livestreaming strategy? And how do you make it relevant and engaging for your audience?
We’ve lined up a panel of movers and shakers who are experts in video. They’ll share examples of video that gets attention and moves the needle and even some examples of video that flops. At this session, you’ll learn:
· How each platform works and which features are important to understand
· Whether it even makes sense for your brand to livestream content
· How to create livestreaming videos that connect
· Real-world examples of livestreaming success stories and duds
Reality check: Measuring the impact of your video against your business goals

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