Interactive: How to Take Your Twitter Strategy from Meh to Wow!

September 29, 2016

Big deal: You have a Twitter account with 150,000 followers and every now and then followers are sharing your content. Why should your C-suite care if it’s not shaking up your business in a positive way? Bring your questions and challenges about Twitter to this session, where we’ll help you transform your Twitter strategy and elevate your brand’s social standing.

If your job is to support your brand’s business goals by communicating with stakeholders on Twitter, it’s on you to prove that this work is paying off with business results and that it’s tied to your overall marketing and communications strategy.

Among the topics we’ll cover during this highly interactive session include:
· Examples of brands hitting it out of the park with their Twitter strategy
• Identifying influencers and effectively engaging with them on this platform
• Establishing business goals for paid Twitter posts and using tools to prove ROI
· Setting measurable goals for your paid and organic Twitter strategy
· Leveraging Twitter’s promoted tweets to maximize engagement and awareness
· Using long-form direct messages to communicate with your customers, members and general followers
· Using Twitters promoted Stickers
· Developing a smarter integrated social strategy that includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more

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