Pre-Conference Workshop I: SEO Tactics That Are Aligned With Google’s Algorithms (and Humans) in Mind

September 29, 2016

Rather than leave it to chance that your PR and marketing messages are reaching their intended audience over your competitors, attend this session and learn how to make Google’s vast and growing suite of tools and applications work for you. Attending this pre-conference workshop on search optimization is the key to becoming a leader in your organization when it comes to getting your content discovered and shared.
To get your messages across the digital universe and to test their effectiveness you must navigate the ins and outs of SEO, Google search and Google’s (mostly free) tools – especially Google Analytics. If you already know all there is to know about SEO, this workshop is not for you. Let’s face it, though, there are very few experts in SEO. That’s why we’ve set up this 3-hour information-packed workshop for you, where our SEO trainers will cover these topics and so much more:

• Understanding Google’s latest search engine optimization (SEO) ranking factors and how they affect the success of your daily communications efforts
• How to write for Google search
• Developing compelling, in-depth and timely content that is relatable and raises your search ranking on Google
• Establishing a process for structuring content that gets traction
• Analyzing your site and determine whether it is optimized for search
• Use keywords, links and meta tags effectively without harming your page ranking

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