Shakers on a Panel: Social Media Monitoring That Informs Your Business and Doesn’t Drain Your Time

September 29, 2016

Impacting an audience starts with understanding that audience. So, if you want to encourage a specific behavior with your audience (such as making a purchase), then you need to understand their preferences, concerns and behaviors. Easy enough, right? We know how hard it is; that’s why we’ve put together a killer panel to discuss real-time data and analytics, social listening, dashboards with impact, competitive intelligence tactics.
In this session you’ll learn how to use data effectively to listen and respond to customers, and convert conversations into sales.
Our panel of experts will show you how to:
· Set up a social listening campaign that works
· Profile your audience – demographics and psychographics to understand customers’ unique wants and needs
· Choose the best tools available for social monitoring
· Use dashboard data to transform a campaign
· Turn customer feedback into impactful initiatives
· Convert conversations into sales
· Leverage data to manage brand reputation
· Know what types of data can dramatically improve marketing performance and reduce costs
· Finding your competitors’ audience: What strategies are they using? How do they present themselves online? What are their target keywords?

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