The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Sophie Maerowitz

November 5, 2018

Content may be king, but even top-notch content needs to be timed strategically in order to be seen. As new social platforms grow in prominence and user habits shift, it’s worth periodically evaluating your posting cadence and strategy.

Consider, for example, the number of  people routinely logging into Facebook five years ago compared to those who have transitioned to using Instagram in 2018—a platform that now sees 1 billion monthly users.

There’s no silver bullet to ensure your posts will be optimally timed for your audience, but taking a look at the overall user behavior of individual social platforms can give your brand an idea of the best—and worst—times to post.

Staying on top of broad social media trends by platform, as well as monitoring native platform analytics to determine when your specific audience is online the most, will maximize your content’s chances of being seen.

Below, a handy guide courtesy of HubSpot to keep in your back pocket for the best posting times on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest in 2018.

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