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#SSU2020 Speaker Q&A: Strategist Tracey Del Moral on Influencer Marketing

By: The Social Shake-Up
September 14th, 2020

With The Social Shake-Up virtual show on the horizon, we’re giving readers and soon-to-be attendees a chance to know this year’s speaker roster. The Social Shake-Up cast is composed of marketing and communication professionals who manage social media messaging at top brands and nonprofits, from AAA to UPPAbaby. In this interview, we introduce brand strategist Tracey […]

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Influencers Pivot to Public Sector and Education During Pandemic

By: Sarah Ware, Co-Founder, Markerly
July 9th, 2020

With millions of Americans out of work and spending 14 percent less than usual, it can be difficult to push forward with a consumer-oriented influencer campaign. But that doesn’t mean influencers are on hold. With the pandemic grinding some influencer-marketing verticals to a halt–think lifestyle, hospitality, and travel–influencers and marketers who work within them are […]

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10 Tactics for Pandemic-Appropriate Influencer Marketing

By: Allison Fitzpatrick and Paavana Kumar
July 2nd, 2020

Many marketers are hesitant to engage influencers during the pandemic. They’re concerned with seeming out of touch. Indeed, marketers could face significant PR backlash over an influencer campaign. For example, they could get hurt with campaigns that promote luxury goods to consumers who lack basic necessities. In addition, campaigns could subject marketers to legal liability. […]

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Q&A: How Brands Are Approaching TikTok Influencer Marketing

By: Sophie Maerowitz
May 27th, 2020

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity—particularly among millennials, per a recent Adweek report, brand marketers are eager to jump on board. However, advertising on the platform is expensive: Branded TikTok challenges (widely shared participatory activities like dances, dares, and lip-synching) requiring a budget well above six figures, and individual ads are also pricey. Influencer […]

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Foodgod Offers Fellow Influencers Advice for Posting Around COVID-19

By: Bobbie Windatt, AVP, Corporate Communications & Marketing, 5WPR
April 22nd, 2020

Not every celeb and social media influencer kept up with their social feeds during the pandemic’s outset. Jonathan Cheban, aka Foodgod, was one of them. The severity of the moment didn’t seem a good fit for his social posts, Foodgod said during a 5WPR webinar. Below are takeaways from that session. Stay True to Your […]

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For Better or Worse, Influencers Reach Out to Homebound Audiences

By: Sophie Maerowitz
March 23rd, 2020

As the coronavirus keeps millions at home, influencers have leveraged their followings in an attempt to distract, entertain and soothe worried souls. Communicators and marketers, uncertain how to handle their influencer marketing efforts in an unforeseen online environment, face challenges ahead as they try to strike the right tone with an anxious public. Influencer efforts […]


TikTok Influencers’ Price Tags Continue to Rise

February 26th, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article from The Guardian’s Rupert Neate indicates TikTok may surpass Instagram as an influencer platform for brands, with price tags of $200K on average for influencer posts, according to a recent report. Neate quotes Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, who noted that what makes TikTok unique (compared to Instagram or Facebook) is its […]

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‘Would You Rather?’ Survey Uncovers Influencers’ IRL Preferences

By: Tami Nealy, VP of Communications and PR, Find Your Influence (FYI)
February 20th, 2020

Just how far would influencers go to secure successful brand partnerships? In January, the Find Your Influence (FYI) team set out to find the answer to that question, surveying over 500 social media influencers to assess how their professional goals match up to their day-to-day inclinations. Our survey found that working with brands is so […]

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#SSU2020 Speaker Spotlight: Everywhere Agency’s Danica Kombol on Influencer Measurement

By: Sophie Maerowitz
February 13th, 2020

Influencer marketing has gone through a lot in recent years. There is a growing tension between the industry’s growth (projected to hit $15 billion by 2022) and the fraudulent practices, ineffective partnerships and FTC crackdowns that keep brands up at night. Luckily, a solid measurement strategy can help brands avoid some of these pitfalls. With […]

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6 Tips for Attracting Influencers to Your Next Campaign

By: Katrina Julia & Sophie Maerowitz
January 27th, 2020

The hunt for the perfect influencer usually starts with seeking out those social media accounts that can increase reach, raise awareness, build engagement and drive business results (sales, donations, conversions, etc.) for your organization. This means pinpointing the influencers who stand out among billions of users; true digital denizens capable of adjusting to ever-changing social […]

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