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Are Influencers Recession-Proof? 

By: Kaitlyn Hieb, Strategist, R/GA
January 15th, 2020

With growing talk of an economic downturn, it would seem that an industry built on convincing people to spend money, might be headed for trouble. Granted, there are the KarJenners of the world who, being celebrities first, can lean on their fame to make up for any dip in influencer revenue, but the majority of […]


Just How FTC-Compliant Are Today’s Influencers and Brands?

By: The Social Shake-Up
December 12th, 2019

As Instagram users become warier of sponsored posts, and following the Federal Trade Commission’s reissuing of a crystal-clear set of guidelines, influencers—and the brands they works with—are running out of excuses when it comes to following FTC regulations. Still, not every influencer is blessed with a legal team, so it’s crucial for marketers to understand […]


7 Micro-Influencer Trends for 2020

By: Sophie Maerowitz
December 5th, 2019

By now, your brand has likely moved beyond the narrow definition of an “influencer” as a celebrity personality with millions of followers. Assuming your organization is engaged in influencer marketing at all, you likely have begun to leverage micro-influence—followings in niche areas relevant to your target audience. Influencer marketing platform SocialPubli has released a study […]


The FTC’s Revamped Guidelines Give Influencer Marketers Reason to Celebrate

By: Seth Arenstein, Editor, PRNEWS
November 18th, 2019

It’s no secret that translating legalese into practical terms for influencers can be a pain. Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a new easy-to-follow version of its guidelines for influencers. The agency has reissued existing guidelines in the form of a booklet, Disclosures 101, and a video, below. “The new influencer guidelines are […]

bubble bursting

Has the Influencer Bubble Burst?

By: Sophie Maerowitz
October 24th, 2019

Are the golden days of influencer marketing at an end? A recent Wall Street Journal article made that claim, citing reduced engagement and interviewing several brand marketers who are disappointed with their return on influencer investment. The article pointed to influencer fraud—inflating follower numbers with fake accounts, for instance—as well as consumers’ increasing cynicism when […]

influencers making videos

New Association Offers a Path Forward for Influencer Marketing

By: The Social Shake-Up
September 26th, 2019

The world of influencer marketing is becoming increasingly complex to navigate. Brands that partner with influencers face numerous challenges, from avoiding influencer fraud to putting a dollar sign on a committed social following. And, while the Federal Trade Commission has established a set of rules for influencer endorsements, there’s little consensus among marketers on how […]

influencers looking at phones

Influencing the Influencers

By: Adam Ritchie, Adam Ritchie Brand Direction
August 19th, 2019

As influencer marketing evolves, digital communicators have gotten better at collaborating with influencers on content. But we can do better. We can collaborate with them to create compelling products at the same time. Brands shouldn’t be asking, “How can we use influencers?” They should be asking, instead, “How can influencers use us?” Try to think […]

A Guide to Using Influencer Graphs for ROI

By: Sophie Maerowitz
July 10th, 2019

With the advent of micro- and nano-influencers, we’ve (thankfully) moved away from an era when brands required six-figure budgets for every influencer post. Still, planning an influencer campaign requires time, some budget and the involvement of stakeholders—lawyers to draw up the contract and double-check that FTC guidelines are followed, for instance—which means social marketers should […]

influencers against a wall typing on phones

10 Brand Do’s & Don’ts for Working With Influencers in 2019

By: Sophie Maerowitz
June 26th, 2019

Social media marketers never stop working, and Sarita Nauth is no exception to that rule. When she’s not working as a full-time social media manager for VH1, she has an influencer side-hustle in the beauty space: Glam By Sarita. As an influencer, Nauth is uniquely positioned to take the strategies and tactics learned from her […]

influencer taking selfie

New Study Highlights Influencers’ Purchasing Habits and Social Media Preferences

By: Sophie Maerowitz
June 12th, 2019

Influencer marketing platform SocialPubli.com has released its 2019 Global Fashion Influencer Study highlighting shopping habits, social media approaches, e-commerce trends and favorite brands among fashion influencers. SocialPubli.com surveyed 1,000 of its influencer members—both content creators and consumers—on their social media habits and preferences in order to discern wider trends in social and influencer marketing. Respondents were surveyed between March […]

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