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4 Tactics for Improved Social Listening

By: Lucy Kaplan
March 4th, 2019

Social media listening, also referred to as social media monitoring, is the process of finding out what’s being said about your company, product, brand or team on social media, and analyzing that data. Done right, social listening can be one of the most important tools for gathering intelligence from your customers, allowing you to use […]

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Who’s Monitoring Your Social Channels During the Holidays?

By: Seth Arenstein
December 18th, 2018

[Note: This is one of a series of sponsored content posts created in partnership with Crisp.] It’s Christmas Day. There’s a dusting of snow outside and a warm fire in the chimney. The kids are opening presents. You’re ready to put a 21-pound bird in the oven. It will be the centerpiece of the day’s meal. Relatives […]

How to Stay Offline and Enjoy Summer Vacation OOO

June 28th, 2018

In a perfect world, your summer vacation would begin the moment you set your inbox’s “out of office” message and leave your desk. As most professional communicators know, though, PR is far from a perfect world. Crises materialize that require your advice or input, while requests come down from the C-suite that you would be wise to address in a time-sensitive fashion.

Facebook, Not Twitter, Is the Customer Service Platform of Choice for Most Brands

By: Jerry Ascierto
May 15th, 2018

In many ways, Twitter’s real-time immediacy has turned the platform into a modern version of the customer call center. In fact, customer service interactions over Twitter have increased 250% over the last two years, according to the company. Yet, an overwhelming majority of brands choose Facebook as the front lines of their customer-service efforts. And […]

Few Brands Have Formal Structures for Social Listening, Survey Says

By: Jerry Ascierto
January 17th, 2018

It’s a new year and you’ve resolved to measure more of your communications efforts than you did in 2017. Excellent. Before you get too far into it, though, it’s wise to huddle with senior leaders and agree on what should be measured. A new LexisNexis/PR News survey shows the metrics communicators focus on to indicate […]

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Troll Control: Instagram’s Latest Feature Helps Brands Block the Haters

By: Sophie Maerowitz
September 27th, 2017

When it comes to abusive or inappropriate comments on a piece of branded content, many communicators will tell you: Don’t feed the trolls. Now Instagram has made it even easier to block the haters by unrolling a new feature that gives public Instagram accounts more power over who can comment on posts. The feature, part of its […]

4 Ways the Latest Google Analytics Update Speeds Up Reporting

October 11th, 2016

Good news for the communicator who relies heavily on metrics, but is often short on time: Google has announced an update designed to make the Google Analytics interface a lot simpler to navigate. Better menu navigation. With a full list of menu options in the leftmost navigation bar, users can switch between reports much faster. The navigation bar is […]

4 Social Listening Tips to Make Sure You Set the Right Goals

January 27th, 2016

With so much digital data out there, it’s never been easier for communicators to delve into the numbers to track the specifics of PR campaigns. This is especially true of social media. Whether it’s a platform’s built-in analytics or a third-party service bringing together data from across the web, all the information PR pros could […]

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