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Will Snapchat Survive Its Redesign?

By: Sophie Maerowitz
January 26th, 2018

Snapchat’s main appeal has always been its ephemeral nature—it’s the social platform that insists users post only what’s happening in the moment, with those posts only being able to be viewed within a 24-hour window. But a recent update allows users to post previously captured content without a telltale “Memories” white border, causing many to […]


3 Brand Takeaways From Snapchat Data Revelations

By: Sophie Maerowitz
January 10th, 2018

On Jan. 9, The Daily Beast broke a story that made public some of Snapchat’s secret user metrics. Without explicitly revealing the source of the leak—all we know is the publication “reviewed five months of confidential DAU metrics”—the article shares data “from April to late September 2017” and includes data on “time spent within the app, snaps […]

Facebook Wins Popularity Contest but Snapchat Rocks Engagement, Survey Says

By: Samantha Wood
December 18th, 2017

A recent survey of 5,000 social media users poses a riddle to brands: Would you rather reach the most eyeballs or the most engaged audience? Facebook remains the Goliath, with 91 percent of internet users saying they have an account on the site, according to RBC Capital Markets’ recent survey. Not only does Facebook win the […]

Snapchat Redesign Puts Brands in Their Place

By: Jerry Ascierto
November 30th, 2017

Snap, Inc. has redesigned its platform to simplify the user experience, separating branded content from that of your friends, or put another way, separating “the social from the media.” But publishers and other brands may view the redesign as just another nail in the coffin of organic reach. The center of Snap is, as always, the camera. But […]

Snapchat Courts Brands With Suggested Filter Feature

By: Sophie Maerowitz
November 28th, 2017

Snapchat has announced a new feature that recognizes users’ images and suggests graphic overlays and filters. These smart filters can parse an image and suggest relevant graphics in several categories. Pets, concerts, food, sports and beaches are among the top suggestions. For communicators, the new feature is more than just a fun way to decorate […]

Snap, Inc. Hit With Layoffs Amid Spectacles Debacle

By: Jerry Ascierto
October 25th, 2017

Like Google Glass before it, Snapchat’s Spectacles seem destined for the bargain bin, a featured item at an upcoming yard sale near you. Snap, Inc. may have miscalculated when it rolled out Spectacles last November, with hundreds of thousands of unsold glasses now sitting in warehouses, according to a report yesterday by The Information. The report comes […]

Snapchat Rising: Survey Shows Surging Popularity Among Teens

By: Miranda Shulman
October 24th, 2017

Snapchat is far and away the preferred social media platform of American teenagers, according to Piper Jaffray’s semiannual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey. As you can see in the below chart, Snapchat is the only major platform to see an increase in popularity among teenagers over the past two years. In spring of 2015, only 11% of teens preferred Snapchat […]

Snapchat Rolls Out Context Cards, a New Marketing Feature, Escalating Its Battle With Instagram

By: Jerry Ascierto
October 10th, 2017

The battle between Instagram and Snapchat for more users and marketing dollars continues its heated pace. This morning, Snapchat introduced a new marketing tool called Context Cards, giving Snapchat users a way to get instant information about a business featured in a Snap. For instance, if somebody Snaps a picture of their food at a restaurant, […]

toys "r" us, geoffrey giraffe, AR

Snapchat and Toys ‘R’ Us Signal Renewed Interest in Augmented Reality for Brands

By: Sophie Maerowitz
October 3rd, 2017

While some communicators may argue augmented reality’s relevance to brands has faded along with Pokémon GO fervor, recent developments at Snap Inc. and Toys ‘R’ Us indicate otherwise. Both companies have unrolled augmented reality (AR) offerings that encourage audience interaction with their products and drive a surprise-and-delight factor with users. Snapchat, with its 3-D Bitmoji feature, allows smartphone […]

3 Things Communicators Need to Know About Snapchat’s Snap Map Feature

By: Jerry Ascierto
July 5th, 2017

Snapchat introduced a new tracking feature called Snap Map last week, allowing users to share their location as well as see where their friends are and, in some cases, what they’re doing. The feature allows users to zoom in on neighborhoods, streets or even apartment buildings and acts as a heat map of sorts, using […]

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